How to use fx-loop of a guitar amp? - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community How to use fx-loop of a guitar amp? - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

How to hook up effects loop on guitar amps, what is the 4 cable method?

The output port of each guitar effect is connected to the input port of the next effect in the chain. Being able to achieve a wide range of amp tones with one rig is a benefit only available to guitarists who make the most out of their pedals.

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The only open ports should be the input port of the first effect and output port of the last effect in the chain. An effects loop basically keeps the overdrive of the amp intact. Why would I need an effects loop?

Effects loop

A lot of this type of distortion usually comes from the power amp stage anyway, which is located after any effects loop… One final tip — if you have an amp that has a serial effects loop placed after the reverb, you have the perfect place to hook up a tremolo pedal. There are people who claim that certain effects must go in the effects loop.

Turn on the guitar amp. Parallel effects loops are more complicated, but the general idea is the same. Hopefully this little guide has given you an insight into how the effects loop works. This Guitar Effects Course gives you a thorough look at the most common types of guitar effects including gain pedals and how to use them.

Now, an effects loop is simply a point in this chain where you can insert an effect of your choice. Delay Chorus some also sound good before the preamp The basic 4 Cable Method involves: While those rules are usually helpful, blindly following them can leave you missing out on better results.