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How to hook up furnace to generator, tips & warnings

Push the three wires from the generator into the bottom of the transfer switch box.

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Pull these wires loose and out of the breaker box. The best way to connect you portable generator to your home. We're very interested in what you have to say, so please tell us how you connected your generator to your home.

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I show you how I am going to do it the easy way using all 20amp rated materials and wiring. Simple way to run entire house from our generator Guy Merritt 3 years ago Thanks Garry Hartman for helping me with this Portable Generator Hook Up.

How to hook up a generator to your house wiring

This is more of an issue with OSHA regs for generators used on jobsites. Open the hinged cover on the transfer switch.

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The two black wires, or in some cases one black and one red wire, need to be inserted under the screws near the bottom of the transfer switch box. The bottom line is that there is not a strictly "correct" answer on this issue except in the case of jobsite generators.

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On thing you should never do is backfeed through a dryer outlet. So depending on the state or even city you are in my be subject to different regulations on this issue.

There are lots of videos out there that will show you how to backfeed your house wiring through your dryer connection, but that is very dangerous.

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There are many variations of this including different types of plugs and wiring methods, I have done this many times and have had several pass electrical inspections. The frame of the generator can become electrified and shock someone who touches it.