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He took up bodybuilding to prepare physically for the part. The palace is a construction begun early in Hannibal 's student life. Count Lecter cupped Hannibal 's face in his hand. Tom Noonan as Francis Dollarhyde.

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She looked around the room, and took a small painting of Venice from its tripod on the sideboard, considered a moment, and gave it to Hannibal. Promising his wife Kim Greist that he will do nothing more than examine evidence and not risk physical harm, Graham agrees to visit the most recent crime scene in Atlanta, where he tries to enter the mindset of the killer, now dubbed the "Tooth Fairy" by the police for the bite-marks left on his victims.

Graham travels to the first crime scene in Birmingham, Alabama, where he is contacted by Crawford, who tells him of Lounds' tabloid story on the case.

He began preparation for his role by studying other serial killers, but quickly rejected this approach.

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Clouds painted on the ceiling. Berndt in his hostler's apron and the houseman, Lothar, loaded three small trunks into the wagon box.

Cook brought out a lunch. The swan stopped to consider Hannibal 's greater wingspan, and retired to the water to feed.

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Lang had previously starred in Band of the Hand, on which Mann was executive producer. The hunting wagon was in the courtyard, hitched to the great draft horse Cesar.

Wounded in the firefight, Dollarhyde returns to the kitchen to shoot Graham, but misses because of his injuries and is killed himself when Graham returns fire.

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Dollarhyde is confused by this newfound relationship though it helps suppress his bloodlust. Seeing that Dollarhyde has someone inside with him, Graham lunges through a window.

Other rooms hold sound and motion, great snakes wrestling and heaving in the dark and lit in flashes. Everywhere there are exhibits, well-spaced and lighted, each keyed to memories that lead to other memories in geometric progression.

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It is found to be an instruction to communicate through the personals section of the National Tattler, Lounds' newspaper.