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Il 96 300 fuel hook up. Fuel consumption table -

This turned it into a true—but vastly more capable—Il successor.

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Sadovnikov successfully completed the first take-off from the new ramp on September 25, Generous, beautiful and perfectly, without too much "tinsel" and other parts of shouting vulgar luxury.

The Il has integral passenger airstairs. Su is the first produced airplane in the world designed with a relaxed stability aerodynamic configuration and three lift surfaces. It allows the airplane to be operated with two crew members. Thus, the lateral dimensions of the airplane with folded wing and horizontal tail plane were reduced to match those of the MiGK.

For always plane never let their own VIP-passengers every time he confidently broke away from the band and a few hours later, landed neatly on the other side of the world. By the time the true IL corresponds to the second category of ICAO, ie can take off and land at very low visibility.

Programs from state Certification of the aircraft by Russian standards was completed by the end of On board the ILPU M are often zabugornye guests, diplomatic missions and representatives of the media.

Pugachev operated the first deck running landing on September 1,and N.

Ilyushin IL-96

Engines Perm engine turbojet KB PSA with reversing devices 4h, 9 kN 4h kgf Weights and loads The biggest take-off weight — tons, maximum landing weight — tons, empty weight equipped — tons, the highest weight without fuel — tons, the maximum payload — 40 tons, the largest in store fuel — tons l.

In addition, "Yeltsin" ILPU different from the civilian version of "Ninety-six" extended range and, according to unofficial data, the presence of optical-electronic jamming stations for homing missiles MANPADS and rescue system first face of the incident plane parachute or ejection capsule — here is inexhaustible popular imagination tends to infinity.

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It was him who gave the command to deal with the Il aircraft IlM is the passenger version of the IlT cargo aircraft.