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After the tour, when they've landed in the airport back home, Violetta accidentally pushes someone's baggage trolley and it hits Ludmila, which results her in having a very painful fall. Click Advanced setup if your automatic email setup fails in Step 3 above. However, once Lena had left, Ludmila started bullying Naty.

Change your mailbox sync settings. Then, Naty teases her but she declines it once again, however she realizes that she does indeed love him. Different types of dating. He is from Mexico and comes from a wealthy family, thus he has never had to work for a living.

This side of her is mostly shown whenever Tomas is around. Este o primeiro filme com oramento de. Less If you log on to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account with an Outlook. TV, movies, music, and celebrity news, including interviews, trailers, photos, and first looks.

They talk about why she is always angry and he says that she would be happier if she was nicer to people which she responded by saying she is that way and she won't change. Part 1[ edit ] Since the very beginning of the series, Ludmila is shown as the main antagonist at the Studio.


Ludmila quickly made an enemy of Naty's sister, Lena. Incoming email server You can get this information from your ISP or administrator. However, Tomas didn't fall for her tricks and broke up with her.