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Withfollowers on Instagram,YouTube subscribers ad 23, Facebook fans, CoralReefer does more than just smoke. She explains to Refinery29 that like other WeedTubers, she wants to disprove misconceptions about stoners.

You have already voted for this video. One of her recent posts was a tutorial about how to make a bong out of a pumpkin.

However, it seems the latest trend taking over Facebook is a little far out. After this murder, Roxana Rodiles, the younger sister of Alejandro Ferrer is kidnapped. The Facebook Livestreaming app is only available to a limited group of iPhone owners. However, everything will be reduced when the interpol that silently followed the trail of money tries to capture her.

It's an original story and it aired from February 21 to May 7, One of the most successful of these women is a year-old Californian, who uses online moniker, CoralReefer.

Women smoking weed has taken over the live-streaming site. And by December of the same year, Facebook decided it was time to let more people in on the fun.

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After several misunderstandings between the two siblings and without knowing they are relatives, they will try to destroy the narcos. This blonde beauty does more than just broadcast on Facebook, she also posts photos and videos on Instagram and Youtube.

After being detained and interrogated, Roxana enters the prison of Las Dunas, a boarding school with almost unique characteristics throughout Mexico, since it simultaneously houses, although in different pavilions, men and women deprived of liberty for being accused or condemned for the most diverse crimes.

There are plenty of strange things that we seem to waste time watching on the Internet.