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As expected, it was a good introduction to the more detailed, and larger, book I was to read subsequently. At its head stood a Grande Inquisidor, or General Inquisitor, named by the Pope but selected by the Crown, and always from within the royal family.

Faria de Sousa, Manuel de. Golzer described Kramer as senile in letters written shortly after the incident.

Historia crítica de la Inquisición en España

The penalties in serious cases were confiscation of property by the Inquisition or imprisonment. Gustav Henningsen and Jaime Contreras studied the records of the Spanish Inquisition, which list 44, cases of which resulted in executions in person and in effigy i.

The prosecution of witchcraft generally became more prominent throughout the late medieval and Renaissance era, perhaps driven partly by the upheavals of the era — the Black Death, Hundred Years' War, and a gradual cooling of the climate that modern scientists call the Little Ice Age between about the 15th and 19th centuries.

Public summary of suspended case against Isabel Herraiz, alumbrada, with instructions for her followers to cease their activities and turn in all writings on the subject; Cuenca, The wearing of two tongues of red or other brightly colored cloth, sewn onto an outer garment in an "X" pattern, marked those who were under investigation.

These inquisitions responded to large popular movements throughout Europe considered apostate or heretical to Christianityin particular the Cathars in southern France and the Waldensians in both southern France and northern Italy.

In the sixteenth century further efforts were made to keep more fulsome and coherent sets of records in the various tribunals, with mixed results; see Henry Charles Lea, A History of the Inquisition of Spain ; repr.

Nevertheless, scholars have devoted more attention to analysis of trial records than to any other inquisitorial source. Infor example, the famed Portuguese scholar Manuel Faria y Sousa published a printed rejoinder to allegations leveled against his commentaries on the Lusiades of Camoens [ INQ ].

When comparatively minor sentences had been carried out, reos such as the Toledan silk weaver Alonso Carraza condemned in to stand with a yellow candle during high mass as a token form of humiliation needed certification bearing witness to the fact [ INQ 2 ].