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The oppressed peoples lost all hope of salvation.

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The government of Pakistan recognises that importing skilled labour from other regions has caused tensions in the region, and has thus sought to encourage scholarships for Balochi students so they can participate in development programmes. Nawab Nauroz Khan later died in captivity.

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Each and every time there was undeniable chemistry between Noely and her suitors. Ina suicide bombing in Chabahar killed 38 people. Fourth conflict —77[ edit ] Further information: He and his followers started a guerrilla war against Pakistan, and were arrested, charged with treason, and imprisoned in Hyderabad.

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However, the city continues be a home for ethnic and sectarian violence. In43 people were killed in a bombing in Pishin.

The Pakistani government responded to the Baloch's increased resentment and resistance to their economic marginalisation in Gwadar with a hardline approach, stationing soldiers in the area to secure it from insurgent attacks.

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The Persian army had little difficulty in defeating him. If the animated series is not renewed for season 5, the fans will not know what the adventures of the Ghost team ended with.

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