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Intimidating mane and tail, chapter v - the covenant

The Empress, who is completely unsinged, smiles at her champion with admiration.

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Firelord, and Nikki from the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Video Games Some of Kirby 's elemental Copy Abilities give him crowns that simulate this effect; most notably Fire power, but SparkIceWaterand Poison also give Kirby "hair" made out of their respective elements.

A flaming pink pompadour, to be exact.

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Ever since she could remember, she had always been the strongest, the bravest. But a still greater cunning lurked in the recesses of the Indian mind.

Mane 'n Tail

He ate his share of meat as rapidly as he could. No two ropes were of the same length, while the difference in length between any two ropes was at least that of a dog's body.

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In strange villages he had encountered the hands of the children and learned that they were cruel to hurt. There was, furthermore, another virtue in the fan-formation. They are highly aware of their exceptional existence, and as a result are a very proud race.

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In camp he kept close to Mit-sah or Grey Beaver or Kloo-kooch. He fled away to Grey Beaver, behind whose protecting legs he crouched when the bitten boy and the boy's family came, demanding vengeance.

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Lip-lip might face the pack, but he could not face that whip, and all that was left him to do was to keep his long rope taut and his flanks ahead of the teeth of his mates.

Holding his club prepared to strike, he drew in on his cornered quarry.

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Film Hades from Hercules has blue hair, which switches to orange-red when he gets angry. The ropes of varying length prevented the dogs attacking from the rear those that ran in front of them.