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Is candidating a word, candidacy defined for english language learners

The prestige motive can be illustrated by upper- and Middle-class Englishman using French expressions in their English after the Norman conquest because French was the language of the new rulers of the country.

Definition of 'candidacy'

Tea, coffee, tobacco, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, tomato have spread all over the world in recent times along with the objects to which they refer. This indirect influence came about because English has borrowed from Latin, which in its turn had earlier borrowed from Greek, E.

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The stress in words like machine, police points to their French origin. So we differentiate borrowing of words and affixes. A single, individual act of borrowing will not affect the language.

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Frenchintelligentsia f. Thus contact of languages accounts for borrowing. Is there any difference in the borrowing of words and the borrowing of affixes?

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Wine and vine in Modern English are etymological doublets. So when we speak of a single borrowing we mean thousands of individual acts of borrowing. Words like angry, fellow, hit, leg, sky, skill, take, till, want, weak got into English. Culinary terms of French origin include roast, pastry, jelly, feast.

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French words gradually filtered into the vocabulary of the common people as well. Hockett points out two motives: