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So, What is Glass?

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Well, the following is a story which I have heard from a couple of sources. These panes are thicker at the bottom than the top or are otherwise irregular. I've also removed some incorrect information, and a potentially offensive statement.

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Many solids have a crystalline structure on microscopic scales. These things may appear different due to their different shapes and sizes, but on an atomic level, they all have the same basic structure. Glass is a solid because it is not liquid.

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The particles, photons, have zero mass. Well, maybe not so much.

The glass transition

Is Glass a Supercooled Liquid? Freezing is marked by a release of heat known as the heat of fusion.

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The temperature at which the glass transition takes place can vary according to how slowly the material cools. Solids are highly compact and organized and have a crystalline structure at the microscopic level.

The difference is semantic.

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This is totally different to water freezing, when all the molecules together decide to form a solid.