'Modi's India' isn't 'flirting' with fascism | Business Standard On The Beat 'Modi's India' isn't 'flirting' with fascism | Business Standard On The Beat

Is india flirting with fascism in italy, debates a sham, no argument

Under the beneficent eye of the fascist representatives this frozen dialectic, this syndicate, operates to the good of state, labor and management. Untilit was political action seeking an ideology.

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It caused a great controversy in Italy. This is the civilizing mission of the state. One could not think of a "corporate state" or a "syndicalist state" without thinking of the fascist party. In being so he did on occasion argue in favor of the caste system in India, a discriminatory form of social structuring based on heredity.

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Such a sad situation for what is termed as the worlds largest democracy based on hypocrisy. Fascism promised neither a milenium nor utopia.

It is his home, his patria, his source of thoughts and ideas. Without doctrine, the maintenance of power was nothing but an exercise in futility. One must be prepared for such violence or its occurrences will shock and delay.

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Offer instead, Sorel taught, new beliefs, new myths to men.