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Jang, 35, debuted in as a member of first-generation idol group H. After his second concert, his jaw had worsened to the state where he had to pause further promotional activities so that he could receive proper treatment.

Another well-known nickname of him was "tough guy".

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In April ofJang Woo Hyuk began to promote himself in China, and eventually created an official Chinese fanclub due to his overwhelming popularity there. It is said that he might be rejoining H.

Yuko, a year younger than Jang, rose to fame in the early s by making appearances on Korean hit variety shows and dramas. He is popular in not only Korea, but also massively popular in both China and Taiwan. I will soon come back with an improved version of myself. As a member of H.

After his exit, he had a short press conference and said to the press, "The biggest difference is my weight.

In September, his official Korean fanclub began to accept for one month applications from overseas fans.

Rapper Jang Woo-hyuk dating Japanese actress Fueki Yuko: report

The two have yet to confirm the reports. To prepare for his solo album, Jang Woo Hyuk underwent 10 months of dance training. Right before I started my military service, I had gained lots of weight. The news broke after a source close to Jang revealed that the couple had long been an item and met up on a regular basis.

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