WATCH: Lip Sync-Off – Joseph Gordon Levitt & Jimmy Fallon | WATCH: Lip Sync-Off – Joseph Gordon Levitt & Jimmy Fallon |

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Then he took off the white outfit — and danced only wearing a singlet. He grew up with Run DMC. The object of the battle is for the three men to take turns lip-syncing sections of well known songs, each trying to lip-sync better than the others.

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It's a hugely ambitious song to tackle, especially sans mic, but between his lip syncing and the dancing, I agree with Fallon that Joseph Gordon-Levitt won this battle. Danced his little heart out. Gordon-Levitt brought the whole show home -- without microphone -- with a lip sync performance of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," a song he calls a contemporary pop classic.

He showed a ton of emotion. Merchant went without a microphone for Round 2, which is an expert move and not something amateur lip syncers should even consider attempting at home.

See ya next year!

WATCH: Hilarious Lip Sync-Off with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon

Such an excellent lip syncer dropping to the floor. Mackie said about Katy Perry: I must say that I really like the way Lip Sync Battle takes you behind the scenes to rehearsals and feelings of the guest stars.

And then it's Gordon-Levitt's turn. His lip syncing could have been a little tighter, but it was still so entertaining. The boy has some dance moves. He jumps, he grinds, he simulates sex. He was so great dancing like Hammer.

He crawled to the audience.