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Nitro Circus – First Female Front Flip – Jolene Van Vugt

What will people see at the live show? We all give all we have each time we step out there.

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Why the decision to bring the live show to North America after only doing it in Australia and New Zealand in the past? I think the craziest thing is waking up every morning and choosing to stick with the Nitro Circus [laughter].

Again, people can buy tickets to the show through Ticketmaster.

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One of those co-stars is Jolene Van Vugt. What tricks and entertainment can fans expect from Nitro Circus Live this time around? How is it working with 3D technology?

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They all look out for me and treat me with respect. In the Nitro Circus live shows Jolene does her part by doing backflips on full-size motocross bikes. Is the Nitro Circus 3D movie going to be made for large scale audiences across the world?

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If I can be the first, be it first-ever or first female, I find that to be a huge incentive to push harder and get it done. I hate standing there, smiling, trying to look pretty, and saying something witty [laughter].

Most are like family and some are my best friends.

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While on the mend from shoulder surgery, Van Vugt filled us in on all of the Nitro Circus happenings. Each tour is different as per the injuries that can come along with each crash or fall.