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On December 16 he was poisoned in Tampa. In addition, he wrote for many Latin American and American newspapers, and even founded a newspaper called: Zacharie de Baralt, Blanche. To raise support and collect funding for the independence movement, he visited tobacco factories, where he gave speeches to the workers and united them in the cause.

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All pro-independence Cubans would participate, with no sector predominating. He and his fellow nationalist supporters arrived in Cuba on April 11 and began the fight for independence.

As a writer, Marti is regarded as the father of modernism in Spanish letters.

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He escaped to France and from there moved to the United States and Venezuela. Upon being first exiled from Cuba inhe did return to Cuba to fight for its independence.

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There is the deliberate intention and awareness to expand the expressive system of the language. Spain had not ratified the conditions of the peace treaty, had falsified elections, continued excessive taxation, and had failed to abolish slavery.

Within the poem, he talks about how regardless of the person, whether kind or cruel he cultivates a white rose, meaning that he remains peaceful. These symbols claim their moral value and construct signs of ethic conduct. Some of his Versos Sencillos had a premonitory quality: Through this medium he argued against the exploitative colonialism of Spain in Cuba, criticized the Home Rule Autonomista Party for having aims that fell considerably short of full independence, and warned against U.

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In his most significant poems, composed for his son, were published in a book called Ismaelillo. What distinguished Marti was his ability to organize and harmonize.

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More important than his style is how he uses that style to put into service his ideas, making "advanced" convincing notions. Martialso won the hearts of Latin American youngsters with his Edad de oroa magazine especially devoted to children.

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He began the process of organizing the newly formed party.