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Carol Ann is able to repair their car, but they remain for the Strawberry Social. He discovers Vida is not a woman and, in the commotion, he falls backwards and is knocked unconscious.

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Fed up, Noxeema handles the situation in a typically New York City manner and teaches their ringleader a lesson in manners. Vida decides to intervene and beats him up before throwing him out of the house. While searching for the new outfits, they are ecstatic to find vintage fashions from the s in the town's clothing store and give the female residents and themselves a make-over.

Not too far away, Virgil runs into Sheriff Dollard at a bar and they realize that the newcomers are the same people Dollard has been searching for.

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Vida, in the meantime, becomes acutely aware of Carol Ann's abuse at the hands of Virgil and, shortly thereafter, they overhear him giving her another beating. Chi-Chi is harassed by a group of roughnecks, but is saved by Bobby Ray.

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While volunteering to help with the town's Strawberry Social, they decide its small band of women need a day with them, which consists of the following steps: One by one they step up and confront Dollard, each one claiming to be a drag queen in similar fashion to Spartacus.

They eventually make it to Los Angeles where Chi-Chi, after having received many tips from Vida and Noxeema during their ordeal, wins the title of Drag Queen of the Year.

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They head back to Snydersville, and Dollard demands that the townspeople turn them over.