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The 'tuning into' people I've been getting lately have been all over the map but mostly international; there is no way to limit to a local area.

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The big ones out there are all based on photos, which does me no good whatsoever. Also, the ability to favorite certain profiles for future reference would be nice.

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Great idea, in theory. Currently, I have had no notifications that anyone has liked me period, let alone liked me back or matched.

Take Away My Takeaway

Sep 25, Furonet Music taste is extremely important to me, so I'm so glad this app exists. A curious finale to the disc is an all-out pop song entitled "See You Everyday," also written by Kawaiwith upbeat female vocals from Fang Ka Wing.

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This app has a lot of potential, but after 2 weeks, it's sadly been mostly pointless to me. Great concept, needs improvements Aug 11, hlponthewy This app is a great idea and has a good visual feel. Sadly absent from the album, however, is a piece featured in the closing credits for the theatrical release -- "One Minute Warning," performed by the Passengers aka U2 and Brian Eno.

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Composer Kenji Kawai serves up a chilled platter of deep drums, gongs, shakers, bells, female vocals, shimmering keyboards, and vaporous ambience. Otherwise, this is an amazing app! Please fix the search bar.

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The concept of finding musically like-minded people is wonderful. If there were a way to sort by who was online most recently, maybe that would help. Now if only I can find others who are stuck in the same alley.

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My favorite dating app by far - but not quite perfect yet! A few messages have been exchanged; although, nothing meaningful. Right now you can only push one to the front. Gongs float upward from the depths like huge jellyfish, female choirs run chills down the spine, and keyboards breathe softly in the distance.

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