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If you access the internet through public wifi hotspots, shared internet routers, or even through your very own provider, your data, files and privacy may be at risk.

This server-grade filtering software delivers optimal performance and keeps all network intrusions out. Video chat This and much more is what you can do in front of the person with whom you want to chat We also folded and packed the boxes in our apartment — but that was just for fun.

Or, if you're feeling extra magnanimous, you can bump up to a Kano Lab pledge. Then, when you can bend the rules, things get kung fu.

Encryption Defend yourself from eavesdropping. Encryption Defend yourself from eavesdropping.

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We're a group of eight from six different countries. It's a simple, fun, useful toolkit that you can use to start taking control of the world around you. Through it, we're working to get low-cost, homebrew tech into the hands of smart young people woldwide.

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Enter the email address that you registered with and we'll send a reminder of your login details. Kano emerged from a year of making computers with hundreds of kids, teachers, engineers, and artists.

If your identity puts you at risk, anonymous browsing and posting anonymously on forums are of critical importance.