Klipsch Reference Series RP-3 Manuals Klipsch Reference Series RP-3 Manuals

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The RP-3 has a built in 10" powered subwoofer in each tower, and I believe the internal sub amp in each tower is around wRMS or so. They can play loud with few watts as Lowther-equipped horns Things change, and for better!

But you'd like to know HOW they sound. And you hate your system when it happens. Here are some pictures of the units I'm selling. The MDF cabinet tends to resonate a little, because of the reduced thickness of the walls. For this little money the Klipsch RF-3 have a lot to offer: I had it hooked up to a 30Wx2 60W total stereo amplifier and the speakers played loud and clear enough to impress many people.

Operating an amp at lower power levels will produce a much cleaner signal compared to running it near its limit.

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Probably a little bit more outside of the US, depending on the Country you live in. This sounds quite refined and detailed even at very high frequencies.

Imagine the slap of an electric bass guitar that makes your chair vibrate.