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Dynamics and duration are in accordance with the needs of a student, their advancement and requirements. C1- upper intermediate CEF level- a student can understand long and demanding texts and discuss them.

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Course preparation for Goethe exams Course preparation for Goethe exams in Akademija Oxford foreign languages school is designed for students who want to complete undergraduate, graduate, specialist or doctoral studies in a Germanspeaking country, for those who want vocational training, or for those who simply want to check their level of konwledge or to have this internationally reciggnized certificate.

It is spoken by more than 6 million people, primarily in Albania 3 million peopleKosovo and Metohija in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, northwest Greece, southern Italy and diaspora.

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Group Macedonian course is customized for groups of students and lasts for 5 months. Business Albanian course includes different fields: Teme za razgovor biraju sami polaznici ili ih u dogovoru sa profesorom.

They can communicate fulently, with no difficulties, and also they can write a detailed text on a certain topic.

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Arabic course Arabic course in Akademija Oxford is designed for students who want to learn a foreign language as a hobby, or want to live and work in Arabic-speaking countries. They cam talk about familiar topic and activities in everyday situations.

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It is the sixth most commonly spoken language and one of the official languages of the United Nations. They can write a long, clear essays by using different linguiastic structures.

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Albanian course can be in groups, individual, online or accelerated. German is one of the three most popular languages in the world, and one of five top Internet lanugages.

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Macedonian alphabet contains 31 letters and has two main dialects: Albujayra, Gateway to Arabic, Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic of Egypt, as well as additional material like audios and videos, additional texts, practice worksheets, and tests are used.