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My voices echo through the heavens, I am feared by gods!

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Hope I don't make you cry because I'm so fly! Just give up your Zen Headbutt! Straight from the Sky Tower, owning ocean and geo, I'm spitting Dragon Rage, the most powerful of this trio! My raps come out Swift and my disses are Sheer Cold! Well, aren't we bold? You'll need more than a Drizzle when you hear my roar sound!

Step into my water basin, you'll never make it out, End you with a Water Spout, it's all Kyogre now! So it's crunch time, Dragon Pulse a rhyme to put you in your place! With a Desolated Land like the M06 Version! I raise the sea level, let me tell you an Aqua Tail, About a Conti-mental Pokemon stepping to a killer whale!

Is in the o-zone to condone two terrible titans! Go put up your Defense Form or attack me all you want, Knock it off! You control the land, but this world is my turf, Considering that water takes up most of the Earth!

This Primal's 'bout to go Reversion! It amuses me that you believe your element could win it! Your death will arise when I show my Precipice Blades!

Nova pressuring, I'm godlike whereas you're archaic!