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During the winter months I would recommend a thicker option, or you could just shove some extra insulation underneath. Here is the story behind the video http: This has a lot of wonderful features, and it makes the backpad of rucks a lot nicer.

This video was filmed in when I was a little boy. This is a great sleeping mat, if not the best.

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English isn't my first language so sorry for the mistakes. This makes the rucksack a lot more tidier and compact. I always spy what people do there. If you own any frameless or padless ruck, I highly recommend that you get familiar with this sleeping mat! Only a German mind could come up with something like this.

You don't need a plumber when you have servants as smart as I have who know not to flush a toilet full of paper. He knows how to use toilet paper after peeing in the toilet.

Not to smell is the key. Yeah, this is probably not the thickest of them all, but it fits into such a small space that I can forgive it.