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Lauren And Brad Dating

ScarletTiger was flattered and agreed to a date. Brad and Lauren fly to Adelaide, and they share a kiss while they are there.

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Josh dies after he is pinned beneath a support column, devastating Brad. Beth decides she cannot stay and flees to work for her mum on her farm. Brad and Lauren eventually broke up and Brad and Beth began dating other people, mostly so they could make each other jealous.

Brad and Terese learn that she has an eating disorder and they get her help from a counsellor.

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Terese agrees to get help, but lies to her family about attending Alcoholics Anonymous. Brad maintains that he put a notice on the machine and Imogen discovers that Eric suffered his back injury prior to attending the gym, causing him to drop the lawsuit.

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However, she later drops the charges and decides to give Paige the benefit of the doubt. However, when Terese administers tough love to the family, he accepts the position, even though it annoys Imogen and Josh. Lauren tells Brad that she wants to stop searching for their daughter.

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Matt is struck by a car, having pushed Brad out of its path moments before. Brad later learns from Terese that she almost kissed Ezra and that she had to physically force him to leave her room.

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They departed on 7 April. Brad risks his life to save his mother from Bob Landers, when he begins an armed siege at Number He refuses to forgive Terese when Matt reveals that she has been scheming to drive Paige out of Erinsborough.

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His condition deteriorates and he fears for his life, so he asks Terese to take over Maxine's payments. Pam was then left fearing for her son's life.

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He acted instinctively, but I certainly hope I'd behave like that if anyone in my own family was being threatened by a gunman.