Lauren Frances, Author at Digital Romance Inc. Lauren Frances, Author at Digital Romance Inc.

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By following her level-headed guidance, her friends saw their love lives improve by leaps and bounds.

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They shop, they go to clubs, they see shows, visit museums and generally soak in the culture of love in places like Versailles and the Louvre.

And some of them are complimentary!

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Not every session with Lauren is so extravagant and time-intensive; she makes a point to offer something for every price point. Lauren describes the Red Stiletto Tour as a traveling party dedicated to all the things women love to do.

Biography Lauren Frances is an author, media personality, and a leading expert in the field of online dating.

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With a maximum of 15 complimentary golden tickets available, these coveted spots tend to sell out quickly, as the weekend is attended by hundreds of women around the globe. She helps her clients establish clear relationship goals and convey those to a guy early on.

You need a proven Man Plan. A single man saw that profile and instantly decided she was the one for him.

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Lauren believes in actions, not affirmations. Frances delivers with wit and invaluable insight the same advice she's been giving to her faithful clients for over a decade.

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