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This very helpful in order to collect all the Lego canisters. Scenes between leaving Jabba the Hutt's palace and arriving on Endor are omitted Yoda's death, the Emperor's arrival, Alliance assembly.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode. A New Hope "Death Star Escape", after you chase a Stormtrooper down the hallway, you will be bombarded with a large number of Stormtroopers. Staying alive in a firefight: Use the control panel again and go through to the last room.

In the game, he is seen being thrown around the cockpit and dizzily leans to one side after regaining his composure. This may only be for multi-player purposes. Turn off the "Extras" and repeat as desired.

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In Free Play mode, use a bounty hunter to throw a Thermal Detonator. Quickly switch to a member which has a piece that can do damage for example, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. Luke does not see the Force ghost of Obi-Wan on Hoth.

You can start doing that right away, or: Invincibility This trick must be done in multi-player mode and only stays effective for that level. You cannot use extras in Super Story, so it makes no difference when you play them.

Complete Super Story for each of the three movies, which basically means playing them all back to back i. In the game, Lando ignores Han completely, brushing past him to greet Leia.