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Charges are dismissed, and Fritz Boudreau tells Mel that he is not Mel's father, but only handled Mel's adoption because Mel's biological parents were indisposed.

Research has shown that most people pay more attention to, and believe more readily, their impression of how a person acts through body language than what is said through words. Often this is more important than getting the content of the message across.

Are you a body language specialist? Examples of this are mostly groups, such as gay people, people in slavery, prisoners, etc. Mel and Nancy have just had their first child, and Mel won't decide on a name for their son until he can discover the identity of his biological parents.

This leads to a run-in with two ATF agents, Tony and Paul, who are gay and in a relationship with each other. First, Mel is introduced to Valerie, a blond Scandinavian woman with Confederate roots whose twin daughters are at least six inches taller than Mel.

However, when he discovers that Mel might be his son, he becomes instantly friendly and lets Mel drive his semi-trailer truckwhich Mel immediately crashes into a Post Office building.

This means that there is not one signal that has the same meaning all over the world. The man, Fritz Boudreau, turns out to be a trucker with a violent streak.

We can learn to use our body language for a purpose.

Flirting with Disaster

The trip, of course, does not go as planned, and ends up becoming a tour of the United States. How we can interpret body language depends on the situation, the culture, the relationship we have with the person as well as the gender of the other.

Some groups have developed a whole specific body language which can be very explicit in its meaning and is used to communicate where the use of words may otherwise be difficult or dangerous.

Meanwhile, Nancy becomes jealous as Tina and Mel begin to flirt. As well as that, various body language signs can complement each other to make a particular meaning crystal clear or strengthen the meaning of what we communicate. This type of feeling is called intuition.

The trip through rural New Mexico is fraught with more problems. We should learn about it so that we can recognise it in others as well as in ourselves.