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Liz jones dating rockstar wheels, design range

I was driving to London, it was 9. It's like having a pen pal" — although she adds tantalisingly, "there have been photographs of us together".

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A sculptural Artist based in Sheffield, who makes her sculptures from found objects which she takes apart reworks, ages and reforms to create a sculpture that is wierd and wonderful, often inspired by nature.

Celebrities seldom come off any better in her columns — "Bitter, nasty and unhinged," is how Philip Schofield described her after she criticised his co-presenter, while Rihanna recently tweeted that Jones was a "sad, sloppy menopausal mess".

Share via Email 'Pain, surgery, rejection, criticism — no one would want to be me in a million years' … Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones. Thats all i kno.

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You got yourself a gig. Because my desire to improve myself is even stronger than that. Her friends and family no longer speak to her because she writes about them, and she has had to move to the other end of the country after alienating her neighbours by writing unkind things.

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Some advice from a rockstar: I wouldn't deviate or have an argument or go out with boys or get drunk. She has tried therapy, but nothing much seemed to work, and has never taken medication, "because I kind of think I'm not worth it.