Made In Chelsea cast reveal Louise and Spencer affair was fake | Metro News Made In Chelsea cast reveal Louise and Spencer affair was fake | Metro News

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Further upset awaits when the group return to London, as Funda hears word that Spencer has taken Caggie to Cannes. The cast for the series was revealed on 19 July[98] and only features some of the Made in Chelsea cast, with notable absences from Francis Boulle, Fredrik Ferrier and Oliver Proudlock.

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Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing Jamie and Lucy were together for a bit and would even walk their dogs together. She is terrifying and would probably throw said Peroni all over us because our nails didn't match our handbag.

Made In Chelsea cast reveal Louise and Spencer affair was fake

Snapchat username milliewilkinson Made in Chelsea series 4 The fourth series began airing on 15 October [16] on E4. The series included the rocky relationship between Alex and Binky after a number of revelations about Refinery multilingual dating came to light, [33] the isolation of Binky in her friendship group as none of them supported her decision to stay with Alex, [34] a love triangle between Jamie, Lucy and Riley before Jamie realises he still has feelings for Lucy from their previous relationship with each other, [35] and the brief romance between Stephanie and Stevie.

Funda argues with both Spencer and Caggie over this, feeling betrayed. Made in Chelsea series 9 The ninth series began airing on 13 April on E4. The eighth series in fact followed in October To Spencer's anger, Hugo suggests to Caggie that she moves on and dates someone else, which he orchestrates by setting her up with his friend CJ Chapman.

He then returns home to Funda in the early hours of the morning and the two talk, and he states he feels they should break up due to differences which he's no longer driven enough to resolve, and he's still unsure whether he wants to pursue Caggie.

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Spencer inadvertently causes an argument between Caggie and Funda upon exchanging looks with the former, stirring Funda's distrust of him being around her when Caggie makes it clear the argument highlights her own insecurity about their relationship. The series focused heavily on the final nail in the coffin for Sam T and Tiff's turbulent relationship following their attempt at taking a break, as well as Jamie and Frankie both realising that they're better off apart.

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How cute is Toff? The series focused heavily on Sam and Tiff's rocky relationship coming to an end when Tiff admits to cheating on him during the summer and rumours of Sam cheating surface, [65] until the pair eventually reunite.

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