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But she sells them to pay her debts, only for her husband to buy them back and give them to his mistress. She is a writer and researcher involved in exploring the poetics and cultural history of urban spaces, with a particular passion for yarnbombing and temporary street installations.

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Some people have said that the Gaumont disc requires a TV to PC level conversion, but this is simply incorrect. Many of Ophuls's movies were centred on women, but that doesn't mean they were sentimental, or had a penchant for mythologising womanhood. The most insignificant, the most unobtrusive among them are often the most evocative, characteristic and even decisive.

Criterion Collection The best film from the three Max Ophuls classics Criterion is "Madame de…"one of the greatest films ever made, and one of the most written about.

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The film is famous for its elaborate camera movements, its graceful style, its sets, its costumes and of course its jewelry. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, though!

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They did, however, show the difficulties women have in a male-dominated society. The story, taken from a novella by Louise de Vilmorin but translated by Ophuls into something more like Pirandello or Anna Karenina, revolves around a pair of earrings. Initially given to her by her husband when they first married, they are repeatedly bought and sold, and eventually given to Louise again, in a moment of intense irony, by her lover Donati.

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Of his early films, the most acclaimed is Liebeleiwhich included a number of the characteristic elements for which he was to become known: