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However, Classical Latin used equus. It is most common in British public schools and grammar schoolsthe Italian liceo classico and liceo scientificothe German Humanistisches Gymnasium and the Dutch gymnasium.

It is the official language of the Holy Seethe primary language of its public journalthe Acta Apostolicae Sedisand the working language of the Roman Rota.

There are no hard and fast rules of classification; different scholars emphasise different features. There are also songs written with Latin lyrics. It was not until the Moorish conquest of Spain in cut off communications between the major Romance regions that the languages began to diverge seriously.

As a result, the list has variants, as well as alternative names. Identifiable individual styles of classically incorrect Latin prevail. After the Western Roman Empire fell inand Germanic kingdoms took its place, the Germanic people adopted Latin as a language more suitable for legal and other, more formal uses.

Latin is taught at many high schools, especially in Europe and the Americas. In addition to the historical phases, Ecclesiastical Latin refers to the styles used by the writers of the Roman Catholic Church as well as by Protestant scholars from Late Antiquity onward.

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Medieval Latin is the written Latin in use during that portion of the postclassical period when no corresponding Latin vernacular existed. History of Latin The linguistic landscape of Central Italy at the beginning of Roman expansion A number of historical phases of the language have been recognised, each distinguished by subtle differences in vocabulary, usage, spelling, morphology, and syntax.

Classical Latin During the late republic and into the first years of the empire, a new Classical Latin arose, a conscious creation of the orators, poets, historians and other literate men, who wrote the great works of classical literaturewhich were taught in grammar and rhetoric schools.

The largest organisation that retains Latin in official and quasi-official contexts is the Catholic Church. Subtitles are usually shown for the benefit of those who do not understand Latin.