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He was also involved in Liger's early training.

Matthew Hussey on The Secret to Attracting Your Dream Relationship

Rocco would make further return visits to Japan in the late s where he and Keiichi Yamada would recreate their UK feud. But people often wonder if anyone has been able to win over his heart. This led to a brutal feud between the two, which would lead to many aggressive, bloody encounters, culminating in the Dynamite Kid challenging Rocco to a ladder match for his World Heavy Middleweight title.

Maybe he is just focusing on doing his matchmaking work. Early career[ edit ] Born in Manchester, Rocco grew up in his father's gym where other local wrestlers trained.

He would later defend the title in a rematch against Cullen, Robbie Brookside and his former tag team partner The Cobra during the last weeks of the tour. It seems so, as he has no girlfriend till date.

Rocco was awarded Joint Promotions recognition as champion by default that night; later that year he defeated Joel de Fremery at a TV taping in Southport for the main European version of the World Heavy Middlweight title. As Taylor and Myers celebrated, Kendo fled to the dressing room and returned with another mask.

Either of the cases precisely applies to 'the love guru' Mattew Hussey.

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During the second half ofRocco lost his title to Yamada, regained it and then lost it again. That must be his rising career which is making his name in its way to success, and that leaves no time for romance.

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Rocco attempted to pull the mask back down, but Taylor forearm-smashed Rocco, causing the mask to come off in his hands. More about the love guru Matthew Hussey.

Taylor was attempting, mid-match, to unmask Nagasaki and had nearly succeeded when Rocco intervened.

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In lateRocco lost his title to Cullen but regained it a few days later. In an interviewhe shared his thought about the relationships. Dixon would later comment that Rocco was his best employee, both as a worker and as a loyal friend.