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And, once you realize that there's a choice and WHY you are choosing to do what you are doing, you may actually be able to find a better way - one that makes you happier.

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It's not an understanding of the head where we just mentally understand what another person says Even though we don't mention this, people get seduced by the practice.

The next several chapters delve further into each step of the process. That's sympathy, when we feel sad that another person is upset. They also examine stage theories of the development of empathy as well as constructive-developmental theories related to empathy.

What is happening or being said that you either like or dislike? Without this theoretical understanding, it would not be clear what aspects of the NVC model make it work or even if it can be effectively applied by anyone other than Marshall Rosenberg.

I gained a lot of insight from this book and will definitely be doing more research and reading on nonviolent communication.

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Rosenberg lays out three components: It doesn't mean we have to feel the same feelings as the other person. Empathy is distinguished from sympathy and active listening, pointing out how the word empathy is often confused in the literature by using it interchangeably with these other two terms.

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These are to be distinguished from thoughts e. Rosenberg drew on his own painful experiences in racially-divided Detroit and his training in psychology to develop Nonviolent Communicationa particular approach to addressing conflict that emphasizes listening with empathy, naming and expressing feelings in responsible ways, and recognizing our common humanity, even in the midst of our most difficult moments together.

Marshall Rosenberg

The book then goes on to explain how to receive communication in an empathic way, which is based on those same principals, but now, your honestly trying to get to the bottom of the other person's needs to find out how you might be able to help fulfill them.

Even if they practice this as a mechanical technique, they start to experience things between themselves and other people they weren't able to experience before. Self-empathy involves compassionately connecting with what is going on inside us.

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As a result she used a narrative synthesis review format, which, "lacks precision," but allows the summarization of studies of different types, sizes, outcome measures and aims. Rosenberg's work with workshop attendees demonstrates "the real thing. Then, you basically use the same four steps to work through your anger and attempt to get your needs met.

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