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The panelling was often topped off with decorative carved capping. Handcrafts solid oak panelling with a particular expertise in 16th- and 17th-century designs.

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Elaborate linenfold designs, which resembled folded linen, emerged as a trend in the late 15th century, while in Tudor and Jacobean times the fashion was for small squares or rectangles, with the wood either left unfinished or treated with wax or varnish.

Many people want to keep their living space simple and plain, so here at High Wall wallpaper store we offer a variety of beautiful shades to fall in love with.

If it is listed, you should speak to the local conservation officer to see if panelling will be an acceptable addition. What does wall panelling cost? The Classical Wallpaper patterns are available in a range of stunning colors and designs. More modest Victorian pine panels may require a mix and match approach.

Leather Leather wallpaper for rich and classy walls. How to choose wall panelling Fitting new panelling can be a good way to return character to a home that has been stripped back, to fill in gaps in an existing scheme, and to help a new extension to blend in.

MDF Wall Panelling

They are available in a series of shades, patterns, varying from light to dark gray. The LEDs provide energy efficient lighting providing the right atmosphere for any interior.

Vinyl wallpapers, Paper wallpapers, Fabric wallpapers, flock wallpapers, Velvet wallpapers, and Metallic wallpapers, etc.

If you come across a large quantity, you may find that the dealer will only sell the set, as complete suites are rarer and more valuable.

Grass cloth is a fine light cloth, prized mainly for its outstanding textures and natural appearance.