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By using these six types of thinking in a structured way, groups can more effectively approach problem solving.

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This system Additionally lets you insert notes, connect information, add hyperlinks, photographs and even hyperlink a department to a different map.

MindGenius Enterprise features a built-in map explorer that you need to use to view the venture in an expandable tree view that lets you rapidly navigate between varied map ranges.

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Improved UI MindGenius comes complete with a fresher, sleeker and more modern User Interface making navigating around the product easier and smoother. MindGenius is equally useful for brainstorming and planning and assist its users a lot in all spheres of activities.

The software supports the use of hyperlinks, so you can have outbound links connecting your mind map directly to outside resources related to the individual nodes.

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The only real upgrades that this software could use are related to the user interface. Mind Map with purpose using our new exciting features exclusive to MindGenius Strengthened Gantt Chart View snapshots of dates and duration of individual tasks — overlay up to 10 snapshots on your Gantt chart at any one time.

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I'll download the software From there, you create offshoots that create either sibling or child relationships with other related thoughts, and so on. It can help show logical inconsistencies in the flow of thought, and it makes it easy to keep everything neatly organized without losing anything in the clutter.

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Or move from Resource View to your Gantt chart. There is no denying the fact that this software can easily boost your ability to take notes and organize your disjointed streams of thought.