Misplaced Modifier (grammar lesson) Misplaced Modifier (grammar lesson)

Misplaced modifiers funny headlines on dating. Get a good laugh with misplaced modifiers

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If you are having a hard time fitting all of the information in one sentence, split it into two. It can be corrected by moving the modifier next to the word it is meant to modify.

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They provide additional information and can make a sentence much more interesting. Jack can clearly hear Jill when she whispers.

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Above all, make sure that you position your modifiers directly adjacent to the word they are modifying. Let's look at a sample ACT style question: Groucho Marx as Captain Spaulding in the film Animal Crackers, is often quoted as having one of the most humorous misplaced modifiers: Alison watched her son drive off through the window.

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Remember that there is usually more than one way to fix these. This is a very common mistake. Dinosaurs were taking a field trip?

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Because dating profile headlines for guys are rarely seen, and won't affect your response rate directly, they're best used to tie the rest of your dating profile together. This was supposed to be plenty of liquorice Sincerity This world has music.

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I bought a clock from a dealer with crooked hands. We need to change that.

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Even though they're in all caps, they can be easy to skip over—get in the habit of circling them every time you see them Think about both what a modifier is currently describing and what it's actually meant to be describing Watch out for answers that fix the original modifier issue but are ungrammatical in another way and those that create modifier errors when attempting to rephrase a sentence Remember that there are a lot of different ways to fix faulty modifiers—use process of elimination to narrow down wrong answers rather than focusing on one specific way of correcting the error Just like these athletes, you'll only improve if you practice!

But how about this: I should have listed fewer examples, and taken up less of your time.

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Look at these sentences: We can't alter the subject in this case, so we need to turn the prepositional phrase into a dependent clause that makes it clear that the cheeks belong to Susie.