Reframing Boundaries in Dating Reframing Boundaries in Dating

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We ask physical and quantitative questions: Practically speaking, dating relationships should be invited and wanted, not pressured or coerced.

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To give another your whole heart too early is both unsafe to you and unfair to them. There are several ways to exercise emotional wisdom with feelings. But the problem with most views of boundaries is that purity itself becomes conceived of as a list, rather than as a kind of relationship with Christ, community, and a romantic other.

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Personal agency maintained by good boundaries furnishes romantic intimacy with meaning and substance. You don't have to switch small groups.

Dependence or co-dependence cede that which God has granted to every person in his image by divine right Matt.

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Yet we often talk about sexual purity as putting our hearts in a cage only to be unlocked in on the wedding day. Rather, good timing honors the sanctity of romantic emotions and their rightful end Song of Solomon 8: It is wrong for a person to have a kind of control in a romantic context that God does not call any person to give to another see 2 Sam.

You will have all the resources you need to make decisions motivated by the desire to honor God first, not yourself Prov.