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While most of the time purchased items are delivered immediately to your device, on occasion, some orders take longer to process.

Some features are only active when you have an Internet connection. Next, you can use them as helpers, and at the end of each round the game will prompt you to send a card.

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Here's a preview of what we've been working on, exclusive artwork of an upcoming scene! Which one will you adopt first?

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Changing your name on Facebook will change your name in the game too. Only your Energy Bar is not synchronized between your devices. Find out what poisonous secrets are hidden in the Wastes!

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You can however collect these rewards on the Facebook version of our game via your desktop computer or laptop: Even if Criminal Case is installed on your SD Card, all new content is downloaded and installed on your device's local storage as well.

Now it's time to take your skills to an international level! In the settings menu you will have the option to toggle on or off the music and sounds individually.

This minimum amount of required free space varies per device.

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