Scilit | Article - Derived Moment Rotation Curves for Partially Restrained Connections Scilit | Article - Derived Moment Rotation Curves for Partially Restrained Connections

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The finite element results provided a theoretical basis for experimental research and analysis of the local models provided reasonable suggestions for design as well.

The Calculation Method for Moment-Rotation Curve of T-Beam Joints in Semi-Rigid Connections

The main features of this curve are moment resistance, rotational stiffness, and rotation capacity. Accordingly, moment-rotation curves are drawn for four end-plate optimum connections.

In addition, the ultimate bearing capacity increased and decreased with the increment of the curvature of the beam axis R. Most of the input energy was dissipated in the flange of angles while the column participated a little in the energy dissipation process in the test.

The objective of the work is to determine the behavior of these connections under cyclic reversal loading well into the inelastic range and to ascertain the effect of design parameters such as column flange stiffener, pre-tension of bolts and the angles flange thickness on the overall behavior.

Two full-scale specimens of angles steel using H-section member had been conducted.

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The failures of the bolts were obtained from the top down, as expected. Among these four models, two models using sinus beams, one manufactured model, one IPE beam model are prepared. Taking side-plate reinforced section as research objects, this paper establishes the models by Ansys non-linear finite element method and simulates welding process of with birth-death element method.

Using the finite element analysis software ANSYS, the effects of former three parameters was calculated. Similar presentations More Presentation on theme: The hysteretic behavior of angles beam-column connections under cyclic loading is presented in this paper.