Mortal Transfer () by Jean-Jacques Beineix Mortal Transfer () by Jean-Jacques Beineix

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A few minutes later, Durand wakes up, and discovers Olga is dead.

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The music was provided by the composer of Roselyne et les lions, Reinhardt Wagner. Durand is also afraid to admit that he's become quite bored with Olga's stories about her unconventional sexual liaisons, and one day as she goes on about her favorite subject, he falls asleep.

Durand has no idea what happened to Olga and isn't sure what to do with the body, but he's too frightened to call the police, so he tries to hide her in his office.

Mortel transfert went into production in April and was released in France on 10 January Olga is dealing with a number of interwoven neuroses, including a strong taste for painful, degrading sex and a compulsive habit of stealing things. At the end of one session Madame Kubler does not move.

Several reviewers pointed to a similarity of atmosphere with Martin Scorsese 's comedy thriller After Hours. Why are Michel Durand's arms hurting so much? Olga has already used Durand as an alibi when questioned by the police about the theft of some valuable jewels, and while Durand told the authorities that Olga was in consultation with him at the time of the robbery, the truth is he's not sure where she was and imagines she's probably guilty.

Michel Durand needs to do something in any case, because Police Commissioner Chapireau is investigating and Max Kubler is going crazy looking for his wife. Several reviewers pointed to a similarity of atmosphere with Martin Scorsese's comedy thriller After Hours.

Mortel transfert Photos View All Photos 2 Movie Info An analyst discovers just how troublesome his most difficult patient can be in this darkly witty comedy drama.