14 Scary Looking Dog Breeds That'll Make Criminals Think Twice 14 Scary Looking Dog Breeds That'll Make Criminals Think Twice

Most intimidating mascots. College football roundtable: best mascots - big ten blog- espn

Other than that, Brutus was not the most finely tuned athlete on the field. Even the gentlest pound dog can cause serious injuries, and proper training and socialization are necessary to ensure they remain friendly.

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Meet the most legendary college mascots…. Caucasian Shepherd Dog photo via wikimedia Caucasian Shepherd dogs are flock-guarding behemoths, who look even larger than they really are, thanks to their long, fluffy coat. Additionally, Dobermans tend to adopt a pretty impressive posture when facing something they deem a threat.

Quite the first impression for the most real -- and best -- mascot in the Big Size In this case, bigger is definitively better. But in just a few short decades, it has become a prominent league staple and routinely ranks atop various lists of best Big Ten mascots.

Hairy Dawg

Sparty is 7 feet tall, yet even his rippling muscles and warrior garb can't mask his cartoon-like cuteness. They were tasked with not only monitoring their flock, but also protecting it from wolves or other predators — by physical means if need be.

First of all, he is a fruit. They often appear larger than this, thanks to their thick, long fur.

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Rottweiler Rottweilers always appear on these types of lists, and it is easy to see why. He is receiving treatment. Aubie truly came to life during the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament of when a pound Siberian tiger escaped its enclosure and turned on the marching band.

Legend has it that he wears gold in tribute to the Medal of Valor awarded his aforementioned ancestor for service in the Battle of Trenton.


They also have large ears, which further increase their apparent size.