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The speakers feature a unique cabinet shape design to prevent internal sound loss and produce the best possible frequency response — it comes with a bass port in the front to push sound straight out into the room and extend the sound field.

These have dedicated chips but do a much better job of converting digital 1s and 0s to noise you can actually hear — which, after all, is the whole point. Each satellite speaker is equipped with a 5 watt acoustic driver with the side-firing 10 watt subwoofer to provide a good 40 watts of peak power.

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If you enjoy bass and are planning to get these for bass heavy music, you will definitely enjoy the Series III speakers. The speakers are especially fun to listen to when playing games such as Battlefield 3 where grenade explosions have the kind of impact that will keep you tied to your seat.


For a single headset or pair of desktop speakers, plug the small green 3. Listening to classical music and jazz on these speakers felt like sitting in a real life theater, with very realistic vocal reproduction and detailed soundstage. The audio cables are very high quality and provide great audio transmission without any interference or degradation in music quality.

It also comes with an LED power indicator ring that lets you know when the speaker is turned on or off. Playing computer games with the Zs was an out of world body experience — you can really feel the impact of grenade explosions and bomb shells with these speakers full force.

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The speakers receive audio input from a device such as a computer or an audio receiver. They feature automatic loudness control which adjusts the bass output to match the volume, although you can also tweak the equalizer settings on your computer to get optimal sound performance. The acronym, by the way, stands for Root Mean Squared, and all it is is a complicated bit of mathematics that gives you an average rating of something.

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While the bass response is strong, it is certainly not the kind of bass that will bring the house down or for disco purposes — they are great for gaming and casual music listening and adds a deep punch to the in-game sound effects.

Overall, the Genius GW-G2. That not only increases the cost obviously but also increases the amount of equipment you have to deal with, and the number of wires dangling around your desk.

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You can also connect them to your TV or gaming console for a much richer and fuller sound.