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Demolition Outfit Mark for SubmarinesO. Complex computers, electronics, and electrical and hydraulic equipment are required to ensure the accuracy of guided missile, surface, and anti-aircraft fire control systems. This to the end … that the ship may fight as long as she is afloat!

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This includes many stories, typical medical supplies, as well as history. Etymology Due to the largely anecdotal nature of the backstory, the coinage of the term has long been misattributed to a number of urban legends and unfounded connections that became widespread as cannabis culture thrived across North America and Europe.

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The Submarine Commander's Handbook"U. Submarine Periscope Type 2, Also see Drawing showing use of the Submarine Rescue Chamber. Many of these have been donated to museums for display periscopes. Telescopes Mark 90 Mods.

Notable Developments As cannabis culture continued to gain traction across North America following a period of renaissance during the s, the term "" also became widely adopted by cannabis smokers in the s, though mostly "passed along from stoner to stoner as a completely underground grassroots phenomenon," according to The High Times.

Describes the waterproof binoculars used on the TBTs and five inch 25 cal guns.