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The quality of the organization is determined by the quality of its managers.


The Leibniz-Ross theory may narrow the space of possible worlds even further, for God, the being Leibniz and Ross believe to be omnipotent, is also supposed to be necessarily morally perfect, and there are worlds which intuitively seem possible which a necessarily morally perfect being could not, it seems, create—for instance, worlds in which the only sentient creatures suffer excruciating pain throughout every moment of their existence.

Philosophical Review 72 2: However, there was very little success in spelling out the meaning of this assertion Ross In the Leibniz-Ross theory, an omnipotent being must choose every state of affairs which is to obtain, including all of the choices of its creatures.

Others have attempted to analyze omnipotence in terms of what an omnipotent being could weakly actualize. However, God is omnipotent, since it is not for lack of power that God is unable to do these things, but for other reasons, such as his necessary moral perfection.

Descartes on the creation of the eternal truths. According to Wielenberg, omnipotence cannot be analyzed simply by consideration of which states of affairs an omnipotent being could or could not bring about.

Such theories of omnipotence may be conveniently referred to as act theories. This result is clearly unacceptable. Libertarians, however, have generally not been satisfied, and have argued that an omnipotent being need not have the power to bring about such states of affairs as Caesar's freely refraining from crossing the Rubicon.

More recently, James Ross has advocated a similar account, though Ross prefers a formulation in terms of states of affairs Ross The performance of managers is not influences the organization goals. For suppose that the being cannot create the stone.

Defenders of the compatibility of omnipotence and necessary moral perfection must deny at least one of the premises of the argument, and, indeed, each of them has been denied.

This is because there are contingent states of affairs about the past, but the notion of changing the past is generally agreed to be incoherent see Time Travel.