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How to fire Content Observer after ending call? Phone has three states: Thanks a bunch to all contributors!

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Now I am here with working code and going to share with all coders. In which I am facing a problem. After I change the data and when I click the Update User buttonit gives me this error. Keep reading, the kicker is coming… This code in my initial Activity enlightened me when I finally realized that the db version was updating during my debugging… ugh!

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Recommended from our users: I should check the implementation, but I assume onUpgrade is also called after onCreate if the database needs to be created, and there's a way to ensure all of the upgrades are executed for example, by forcing all version numbers to be positive integers and initializing a newly created database with version 0.

And each time you want upgrade app call getWritableDatabasethe onUpgrade function will be called. DATE ; if managedCursor.

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I am trying to build personal app that will set alarm by getting date from SQLite Databse. So I have two model groups, the first for the first database and the second for the second database.

SQLiteOpenHelper onUpgrade() Confusion Android

Then, when you want to upadte the database, you increment the version parameter that will be used in your SQLiteOpenHelper implementation, and perform the SQL modifications you intend to do, programmatically, inside the onUpgrade method.

Hmm… Problems can create new problem s. Had a hard time trying to make it work and I'd like to know whether it is an acceptable solution. Idle state call in between Offhook state sometime or in some device.