Japanese Merchant Ships Recognition Manual Japanese Merchant Ships Recognition Manual

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It was armed and was loaded with sick and healthy Japanese soldiers. Some of the dead were removed individually by tying ropes around the legs or arms and hauling them up onto the deck, then lowering them into the barges. On the fifth day prisoners were issued five Japanese rolls per man.

Laid down at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Her captain decides to strand her in shallow water. However, 40 men who were the sickest were allowed to be placed on top of the cars.

The ship had been damaged, and was moving now with difficulty. Atdeparts Arikawa Bay for Singapore. He is charged with failing and refusing on his own responsibility and by neglecting to transmit to his superior requests for adequate quarters, food, drinking water, clothing, sanitary and hygienic facilities, and medical attention so badly needed by the prisoners.

Prisoners experienced severe mistreatment, and several deaths occurred. During JuneCol. They remained there until the 12th of January.

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During the trip there were two issues of cooked rice a day. He was told to kneel at the edge of the hole and to take a position as though in prayer.

In December his unit left Formosa for Luzon. Shoes were captured British shoes and were issued without regard to size. A large quantity of material washed ashore at Betozaki in Okinawa.

The bodies were removed by placing them into cargo slings and lowering over the side of the ship into barges.