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But the question is rhetorical — the two aren't mutually exclusive, and the former is not automatically off the table just because the creator's intent was the latter". Angie Han, writing in Mashablecalls the American exchange student character Tracy a "classic example of the 'white savior' archetype—the well-meaning white hero who arrives in a foreign land and saves its people from themselves".

How is that so? The cam in my opinion should be on the nest, not the water or the boat. One said maybe Bailey fell, one said they witnessed the fledging.

I find it hard to believe that Bailey did fledge. I think that something is not right and that someone was told not to show the nest because something is not right. Foxannounced he would be returning to the genre with "a film about dogs" [11] starring Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston and Bob Balaban.

Much of the Japanese dialogue has been pared down to simple statements that non-speakers can figure out based on context and facial expressions". This is a sly subversion, in which the Japanese evince an agency independent of foreign validation.

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Why did you allow this to become about a boat? And to say that Bailey wasn't injured was not correct, Bailey got stung, beat up, and put in one nest to another and no cam for weeks only showing pictures of mom and dad flying and ping fish off. This is the second-highest screen average of thus far, [update] [25] behind Eighth Grade.

If everyone is so excited about the fledging of Bailey, why has no one asked why the nest isn't being shown on cam? Such logic replicates the very tyranny of language that Isle of Dogs attempts to erode.

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