The World's Finest - Justice League Unlimited The World's Finest - Justice League Unlimited

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The Earth is saved, but Superman is thought to have been caught in an explosion and killed.

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Great character interaction, massive fights and plot movement are pushing it forward to be one of the best finales of Justice League Unlimited ever. It has a collection of shrunken bottled planets, and travels in a ship resembling Brainiac's skullship.

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Dox became fascinated by Jor-El, a Kryptonian scientist who actually saved his homeworld from the Multitude. Doomed story arc, Brainiac has used his twelfth-level intellect to become an enormously powerful psychic and telepath, augmented by the minds he's stolen and digitized from across the galaxy and capable of taking control of all seven billion minds on Earth at the same time.

Then he brainwashed Supergirl and the alien warrior Draaga before capturing Metron and setting off for Earth.

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One of these robots attacked Krypton. He seized control of Warworld and manipulated Maxima into assisting him.

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Copying the planet's database, Dox constructed an army of robot servants called Terminauts and miniaturized the city his wife and son lived on and bottled it in a force field, while the rest of Yod-Colu was destroyed by the Multitude. His vast psychic powers allowed him to seriously challenge Superman, and defeat multiple members of the New Gods including Orion with a single psionic energy blast, [65] but the body's lack of Superman-level durability was a major liability and eventually led to it being rendered useless in a gasoline explosion.

I admit I never had a major problem with the synthesized music sound, but the process has improved and it sounds so much better now.

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The Coluan appears still-humanoid, and explains his reasoning for stealing minds from throughout the universe: