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With Coach Harry Gheim again on the bench and top scorer Mimis Domazos, who scored 17 goals, the "Greens" won the title rather easily. Furthermore, the "Greens" won the Panhellenic title by winning twice Aris and getting a draw with Olympiakos.

An outstanding achievement, never repeated till today, 51 years later!

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Harry Gheim was the coach again and Andreas Papaemmanouil was the top scorer, posting 20 goals. The trophy was gained by tossing the coin; the task was done by game's referee Christos Michas.

The scorer missed a penalty, won by Galakos, though it didn't cost him the Cup.

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Counting with 24 victories and 6 draws, things became simple for Stephan Bobek and his players! In May he created the fan-based, non-profit organization Panathinaiki Symmahia Panathinaikos Alliance permitting fan participation in the team's management.

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The full renovation of the stadium began in the summer of In he created WOOP, the first sports website with high definition live streaming and on-demand viewing. Panionios was the opposing team in a final refereed by Italian Peroni. Being the Champion, the team was called to face Aris, the winner of the Cup, in Faliron.

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Thanks to a "race rocket" shoot by Valianos, Panathinaikos won PAOK just seven minutes before the whistling of the referee.