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I also love the artwork at the beginning of each chapter. Was this comment useful?

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The series suits romantics like myself to a T. The garden, presumably her guardian's, is also her secret garden of childhood.

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In fact, the story as is told from the perspective of a young girl in her own world is sort of a 'stream of consciousness' writing inspired by modernist writers. They all show a fleeting moment of the characters: All the events add up to Yuri's own experiences, as well as her guardian's memories of the past.

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The unity in colors across the set of 6 volumes green and yellow are the symbol of nature, of green leaves, and of youth. That is too hard to say for now, because Yuri is still too young, but I love the chillily weird chemistry she shares with Dowook. Being an introvert myself, I can totally identify with Yuri's character.

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Those are up for debate, really. The jumping back and forth in present time and the memories of the past also reminds me of modern writing. The girl is truly adorable, both in her appearance, fragile - Yuri - glass, and her demeanors.

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My number 1 of all time. The real romantic part is not about love, though I do ship Yuri and her guardian, but about her being in her own world. The looks on their faces seem like they have a lot inside their minds without saying too much.

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The manhwa really has some feeling of film noir without having the plot of a film noir. But she also has that kid her age who is quite infatuated with her The art inside is also beautiful.

Who would not love that eerie moment of the uncle standing next to the window watching the young girl sleep at night?